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An old proverb says, “without vision the people perish”. The same goes for your website. People don’t have the time or the attention to waste. A website without a vision or a story does not get attention. Emboss has a strategic plan to help package your vision. Gain the confidence you need to become a leader in your industry or location.
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Your story matters but nobody has shown you how to tell it, sell it or share it. The TellStory experience is a dedicated, creative journey designed to empower your voice so people listen and take action. Guaranteed to give you the results you need to succeed in business.

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Recent Project

Video, Website & Google Ads

Super Squares is a growing ad-tech company that needed a versatile, custom promo video to use in Google ads, app store optimization (ASO), and social media advertising to raise brand awareness and drive app downloads. We helped reduce download costs 3X less than the industry average.

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“My agency has always focused on quality over quantity. We take the time to listen to our client’s needs. Every website project is hand-designed and held to a high standard for almost every device. Let us help you delight online visitors and turn them into customers. We help businesses work better.

Brandon Selfors / Owner

Clients Come First

“…Tremendous creativity with this group. Emboss does not build a cookie cutter website but one designed especially for my business…”

Mark - Florida

“…the Emboss team are very knowledgeable and always looking out for my company…”

Darren - California

“…Aside from the great work done amazingly fast, you also get peace of mind knowing that it’s getting done right and you aren’t working with someone who is going to put your site at risk…”

Linda - New York

The Process is Simple


Create Content

Every business starts with our 3hour – TellStory Blueprint Program.


Build Website

Once we have your blueprint, we hand-build your website according to the plan.


Start Marketing

We don’t just maintain & host your website, we help you get more attention online!

Ready to Share Your Vision?

Your ideas are NDA safe with us. No high-pressure sales. A qualified agent will contact you (we don’t spam).

Your ideas are NDA safe with us. No high-pressure sales. A qualified agent will contact you (we don’t spam).

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What’s a Website Worth? 🤷

According to WebFX, the average quality website can cost between $15,000 and $120,000 or more¹ (see our Website Pricing). Supposedly, the Healthcare.gov website cost $5 billion². Alternatively, do it yourself DIY website builders (like WIX websites), relying on a family member, or outsourcing web design services can cause major frustration for business owners. When a website is built properly, it generates sales or meets clear objectives. If not, people won’t buy and will probably never come back. In fact, 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience³. The best websites are worth their weight in gold. When websites are used as a tool rather than a business card, magic happens. Be sure your web builder understands your needs, goals, and budget so you don’t waste time, money, and energy! (SOURCES)

Website FAQ

What if I had a bad experience with WordPress or an agency before?
Sorry to hear that! WordPress does need to be cared for. Good news! We’ll take care of it for you. Unlike some agencies, we care about quality over volume.

We offer free domain name and hosting transfers to ensure the client retains 100% ownership. Month-to-month agreements (no long-term contracts) and no cancellation fees.

Do I even need a website nowadays?
It depends. Some people think social media is all you need but as companies grow they are often trying to get customers on their own network. A well-designed website works with your social media to help visitors make decisions, purchase, or get more information. Websites can be configured any way you want. Website opportunities are endless. After all, the largest companies in the world are website and app companies. Websites can be tax deductible and are often a line item in the sale of a business (typically above initial cost) due to domain age/authority.
How does your custom website compare to WIX or SquareSpace?

Our websites go beyond basic website templates. It’s like comparing a custom-built home vs renting a mobile home. Anyone can build a website but not everyone knows what works. We start with a plan first before we build. Each plan is tailored to our client’s needs, wants, and goals to ensure a successful launch.

Talk About Your Vision!

Your ideas are NDA safe with us. No high-pressure sales. A qualified agent will contact you (we don’t spam).

Your ideas are NDA safe with us. No high-pressure sales. A qualified agent will contact you (we don’t spam).

Let Us Contact You

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