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Video Services

Super Squares is a growing ad-tech company that needed a versatile, custom promo video to use in Google ads, app store optimization (ASO), and social media advertising to raise brand awareness and drive app downloads. We helped reduce download costs 3X less than the industry average.

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A website is a powerful, asset tool when used well. As a website builder, I believe people deserve a shot at winning their own game. I’ve been helping businesses win for over a decade online and it never gets old!

Brandon Selfors / Owner

Real Reviews

“…Tremendous creativity with this group. Emboss does not build a cookie cutter website but one designed especially for my business…”

Mark - Florida

“…the Emboss team are very knowledgeable and always looking out for my company…”

Darren - California

“…Aside from the great work done amazingly fast, you also get peace of mind knowing that it’s getting done right and you aren’t working with someone who is going to put your site at risk…”

Linda - New York

How to Start
a Project


Create Blueprint

Every business starts with our 3hour – TellStory Blueprint Program.


Build Website

Once we have your blueprint, we hand-build your website according to the plan.


Start Marketing

We don’t just maintain & host your website, we help you get more attention online!

What’s a Website Worth? 🀷

According to WebFX, the average website can cost between $15,000 and $120,000 or moreΒΉ. It cost $5 billion apparentlyΒ²! Cookie-cutter websites, DIY website-builders, you’re cousin’s techy brother, or even market-specific website agencies (for example: we only build “attorney websites”) may seem like the best option at first…Until you’re stuck with an expensive, janky website and no online traffic to show for it. We hear it often and it’s frustrating! Your website IS your business and if it’s not done right, people won’t buy and never come back. 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience (SWEOR).(WEB SOURCES).
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Your Story Blueprint

Content has always been the hardest part of building a successful website. The TellStory course is the foundation of your business story. It will forever change your business communication and pays for itself year over year.

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