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  • Our messaging is confusingOur messaging just talks about "us"We don't have a compelling storyWe communicate clearly to all customer segmentsI Don't Know
  • Yes (I get a report showing keyword gains & losses)No
  • Time-consuming (over 1+ days)Difficult (too technical or vendor issues)Costly (high vendor costs)No problems here (we got this!)We don't have good marketing materials
  • Yes, we track sources and easily measure themNo, we don't have a processI Don't Know
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  • Yes, I use no more than 3 colors, 2 fonts with a vector logo).No, our material is inconstant.I Don't Know
  • Yes, (we maintain a review system)No, reviews just happen.I Don't Know
  • Yes, we are on the cloud & paperless.NoI Don't Know.
  • Yes, my website and mobile site look & function greatYes, to the website but not the mobile siteNo, the site(s) needs work.No, I don't have a site.
  • Yes, we need creative solutionsNo, we have strong competitive advantageI don't know